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The CSS Ltd. Synthetic / Artificial Turf Advantage:

  • Resilient Material:

    OmniCourt offers the highest UV protection and is well suited for any climate and location.

    OmniCourt’s sand-filled court surface holds firm under all weather conditions and offers rapid drainage, even after the hardest rain. Extremely durable, OmniCourt is crafted with the latest manufacturing processes for maximum colour retention.

  • New Construction or Resurfacing Old Cracked Courts:

    OmniCourt’s unique design allows the subsurface to expand and contract without affecting the integrity of the court surface, making it ideal for resurfacing old cracked courts and for new construction.

  • Protection For Athletes:

    OmniCourt delivers unsurpassed player comfort by providing firm footing and the characteristic of slide to enhance play and reduce injury. Specially graded top sand is brushed into the surface for even greater comfort, which can be adjusted for court speed and player preference.

  • Quality Assurance:

    Our supplier APT & the OMNICOURT manufacturer is the only supplier in the industry that maintains a vertically integrated production facility that supplies the fiber, tufting, and backing all from a single U.S. location. Allowing for precise control over all raw materials ensuring our clients receive the best most durable synthetic / artificial turf surface in the industry.