The CSS Ltd. Construction Advantage:

With over 1,000 tennis & multi-sport game court construction, rebuild & restoration projects completed our team of Court Professionals are the most experienced in the industry! The CSS Ltd. team always delivers a superior tennis court with substantially increased durability, and performance through the CSS Ltd. Asphalt Penetration Laykold® surface!

The Asphalt Penetration tennis court surface has proven over it’s 40+ years in use that it continues to be the longest lasting outdoor tennis surface available. Stemmed from it’s inherent malleable design & construction process, Asphalt Penetration courts allow for superior contraction and expansion without break & better protect the surface against tennis court cracks! Our team of court professionals then seals the surface with our very own High Strength Fiberglass Membrane coupled with the industries ONLY elongation Acrylic Surface Coating System application (Laykold®) providing up to 540% the elongation when compared to Plexipave or Heavy Duty Acrylic Resurfacers!

Truly designed & constructed for Canada’s toughest weather in mind!



The CSS Ltd. Rebuild / Lift Advantage:

Asphalt over time naturally deteriorates at an accelerated rate. Tennis courts are no exception to this destructive process quickly turning the most beautiful tennis court into an unsightly mess. When a court's long term well-being is in significant jeopardy and our Restoration & Resurfacing option cannot provide a meaningful long term solution, we often look to rebuild or complete an Asphalt Penetration lift. This solution provides our clients with the enjoyment and protection of a brand new tennis court surface ready for decades of enjoyment backed by our CSS Ltd. industry leading comprehensive warranty.

Often our clients can also opt for an Asphalt Penetration Lift over a rebuild which provides all the benefits of a brand new surface with no financial burden having to excavate & dispose of the existing asphalt court. Connect with our team today to explore a Court Surface Specialists Ltd. Laykold® Asphalt Penetration tennis court!



The CSS Ltd. Restoration / Resurfacing Advantage:

Our court restoration / resurfacing process is truly like no other. Through combining new technologies and our commitment to constantly evolve our products / processes we have continued to extend the life of our restored / resurfaced tennis courts! One of our biggest achievements lies in utilizing the ONLY elongation Acrylic Surface Coating System application (LAYKOLD®) available which has provided superior protection by delivering up to 540% the elongation when compared to Plexipave or Heavy Duty Acrylic Resurfacers! For our customers this means fewer premature crack concerns in their newly restored surface.

Our expertise and workmanship can now be found across Ontario in over 1,000+ projects completed for our trusted partners including the most reputable tennis clubs, municipalities, condo corporations & homeowners who are pursuing tournament quality tennis court surfaces. Connect with our team today to explore how our team can bring your court back to beautiful!