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Project Description

The CSS Ltd. Restoration & Resurfacing Advantage:

  • Initial detailed inspection of the surface & consultation allows our team of court professionals to thoroughly understand our clients’ expectations and allows us to provide meaningful solutions and life expectancy for each comparable service we offer.
  • Our Project Manager is then well versed in the project before arriving on day one and understands exactly the process needed to restore the surface.
  • Upon beginning the restoration process our team sets out to thoroughly clean the entire tennis court to remove any debris or contaminant that could cause premature deterioration and limit long-term durability.
  • Following surface cleaning we then look to identify any surface imperfections that remain. This includes filling all cracks with CSS Ltd.’s Elastomeric crack fill, and level any depressions holding standing water or bird baths.
  • Once all imperfections have been addressed, our team of court professionals will look to apply the ARMOR® Crack Repair System to any warranted crack deemed expansive and posing significant risk to the soon to be restored surface.
  • Following the application of ARMOR® we then seal the entire court surface with our CSS Ltd. High Strength Fiberglass Membrane to better protect against the outbreak of existing or new hairline / small cracks from appearing.
  • Next and likely one of the most vital portions of the project is applying the 5 layered LAYKOLD® Acrylic Surface Coating System with elongation properties. These revolutionary materials allow flexibility in the new surface application and work alongside our fiberglass membrane to best prevent surface cracking. Our LAYKOLD® materials maintain up to 540% elongation when compared to Plexipave or other Heavy Duty Acrylic Resurfacers!
  • Our customers upon our team’s departure are not only left with a beautiful newly restored tennis court and a big smile are also protected well into the future with our CSS Ltd. & LAYKOLD® industry leading comprehensive warranty!

    Our above commitments continue to provide our customers with the most beautiful tennis courts well protected for decades to come. Connect with us to experience the CSS Ltd. Advantage!

The “Turn-Key” Project Solution:

Coordinating & deploying a team of “in-house” tennis court professionals who specialize in; site excavation, base supply & install, court construction, perimeter fencing, LED Lighting, LAYKOLD® Acrylic Surface Coating System application, & accessory supply and installation. A “worry-free” approach to restoring / resurfacing your tennis court.

Project Management:

Full time on site Project Management is the first key to success for any construction project. Our company provides a highly knowledgeable and skilled contact to not only manage your project & exceed your expectations but to keep you well informed and provide transparency and excellent communication by promptly addressing any questions you may have throughout the process.


Asphalt Construction Projects:

Currently Underway: Town of Fort Frances (4 court facility), City of Vaughan (3 court facility), Town of Nobleton (3 court facility) among many other municipal, condominium, tennis club & residential clients.

Rebuild & Lift Projects:

Completed in 2016: Taylor Statten Camps (4 court facility), Ojibway Club (2 court facility), among many other municipal, condominium, tennis club & residential clients.

Restoration Projects:

Completed in 2014-16: Deerhurst Resort (3 courts), York Old Mill Tennis Club (4 courts), Bellbury Tennis Club (6 Courts), Viewmount Park Tennis Club (4 courts), Hespeler Tennis Club (3 courts), Georgetown Racquet Club (2 courts), The Caledon Mountain Trout Club (1 court), Kingsville Tennis Club (6 courts), among many other municipal, condominium, tennis club & residential clients.

Clay Court Projects:

Completed in 2014-16: The Granite Club, Kew Gardens Tennis Club, Mississauga Golf & Country Club, Bayview Golf & Country Club, Lambton Golf & Country Club, Mimico Tennis Club.



For all of our clients, The CSS Ltd. Advantage translates to  a more beautiful & better protected surface for years longer than the competition.

Our Materials & Processes:

Our materials we select are extremely important to us & they should be important to you as well!

The CSS Ltd. team has spent years product testing and evolving our products & processes to continuously provide our clients with the most beautiful &  longest lasting professional tennis surface available! Starting with utilizing only Laykold® & Laykold Masters® the two most requested & advanced professional tennis surface coating systems & the official surface of the Miami Open!

Laykold® is proudly certified by the International Tennis Association (ITF) for application and our team of skilled surface technicians are recognized by the Ontario Tennis Association (OTA) for delivering professional results.

Our Technology:

CSS Ltd. continues to utilize industry leading technology bringing our clients the best tennis surface solutions available in the industry in an ever evolving world. CSS Ltd. currently uses the only dual slope Laser-Guided Automatic Grading Solution to deliver our customers precision accuracy in sport surface leveling, grading & construction for superior durability & performance.