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The CSS Ltd. Lighting Advantage:

  • Energy Savings:

    The CSS Ltd. Techlight LED System will provide daily savings of 40-50% on energy costs versus a metal halide system.

  • Adjustability:

    Fully adjustable dimming capabilities or instant on/off, the CSS Ltd. Techlight system is versatile to meet your game lighting needs.

  • Colour Rendering:

    The CSS Ltd. Techlight LED CRI is 90 versus 65-75 of a traditional Metal Halide. On a clear, Ontario day, the sun can only give you 100 CRI. The light looks and feels like you’re playing under daylight. See the side by side picture. Techlight LED system is on the left court.

  • Consistency:

    The CSS Ltd. Techlight LED System provides complete uniformity throughout the court. Our team has ensured each setup will have limited hot & cold areas for optimal play.

  • Longevity & Durability:

    Old & outdated Metal Halide lighting systems loses 20% lamp life after 100 hours. Our LED setup will ONLY lose 10% over the life of the LED.

    The system also requires no bulb changes & maintenance for the first 10-12 years (on average).